Device nameGEO SEEKER
Research SystemImaging
Underground Search Depth250meters
Warranty2 years
Made inGermany
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  • For the first time, Geo Seeker Is a water detector That uses the imaging scanning system to give the user of the device an electromagnetic image of the underground water to ascertain the existence and depth of the target

    • GEO SEEKER works on detection techniques by measuring soil resistance through geochemical measurements.

  • These measurements determine the location of the groundwater deposits, the gravel water, the depth of the groundwater, and the detecting of the tunnels, caves and ground spaces, including the rooms and the basements with very high accuracy

  • That is why this German groundwater detector is characterized by micro-technology as it is a detector of spaces and ground cavities and it is a distinctive detector of groundwater with the possibility of identification of the groundwater depth and the level through the imaging system

  • The professional GEO Seeker components are controlled from a computer system operates by the Android developed and modern system,

  • All the Detection and measurement data are moved from the device main unit to the PC device wirelessly via Wi-Fi, using the pre-installed software application the user of the device can simply choose one of the three supported scanning methods.

Device Specifications:

    • During the use of the scanning mode in a GEO Seeker, the device uses two electrodes to pump electrical energy into the underground soil, in addition to two additional electrodes that measure the difference of the voltage (voltage drop) at specific points of the scan to calculate the final resistance value,

    • This mode is used to detect groundwater deposits, hidden caves or even sedimentary layers and barriers within underground soil

    • In the active scan, you will be able to determine the depth accurately and you will make your measurements. So you will set the start and end of the depth between 5 meters, "16 feet" and 250 meters, "820 feet" 

Available languages:

    • German - English - French - Spanish - Italian - Arabic - Turkish - Farsi - Greek - Chinese - Dutch

Device Components:

    • The application of Geo Seeker software is to provide simple step-by-step instructions to help you complete the measurement.

    • You can simply follow the instructions in the picture until your measurements are finished.

    • After the measurement is completed, a 3D graphical representation is created and displayed on the Tablet PC screen.

    • Pictorial and graphical dimensions of groundwater and water-bearing aquifer (as shown in blue), as well as cavities, caves, tunnels, chambers or impregnable layers (as shown in red colors).

    • The Geo Seeker groundwater Detection System is water and shock resistant. It is a high-tech geo-electric device designed for mobility with ease and ease.

    1. 5-Volt AA battery

    2. Special charger for the control panel

    3. Charger for the power box

    4. Control unit

    5. The electrodes

    6. Search Cables (2m)

    7. Holder for Tablet PC

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