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Gold Master is a leading company in the field of gold detectors, minerals and groundwater detectors, and it is an exclusive agent for most of the major international metal detectors manufacturers such as Minelab, and Garrett the leading American Gold Metal detector Factory, Mega Detection, and Ger Detect the tremendous German Gold detectors manufacturers in addition to many other American, German and Russian successful brands in various industries.

We are not such an ordinary agent or distributors. that is why our company is unique of the kind at providing the ability to sell the detection and exploration devices at its factory price which is the lowest price in the market with a factory guarantee certificate and Gold Master company guarantee for five years.

The company headquarter is located in the heart of one of the world’s most famous malls in Dubai at the United Arab Emirates. We also have many branches in other countries. We also have authorized distributors in most of the world countries to provide the service of ability to pay when receiving the product in addition to free and fast shipping all around the globe.

We have over than 20 years of experience in the field of gold and metal detection, what made us experts in the exploration equipment systems and we are fully aware of the quality of the different types of targets to be searched for and what is the appropriate equipment to be used for finding each target to help the client and to filter the appropriate device to its target precisely, because our main goal is to help the client to achieve the maximum benefit out of his device.

We have supplied our website with specialized sections for the different targets each section contains the appropriate devices to be used for detecting that target Efficiently, each device is explained in a simple and easy to understand manner to illustrate the most important capabilities of the device, what would enable you to understand the device faster if you were a beginner.

These sections are:

  1. The Raw Gold Detection Section,

  2. Treasures and Antiquities Detection Section,

  3. Diamond and Gemstones Detection Section,

  4. The Groundwater Detection Section

And for detection and exploring professionals, we have provided another classification of our devices through the device operating system, each classification contains more than thirty kinds of devices from various manufacturers and brands to meet your detecting purpose as the following:

  1. The 3D Imaging System of archaeological and treasures detection section

  2. The Sensory System of metal detection,

  3. The Voice System of gold detection (The Electromagnetic System)

As our first goal is to satisfy the customer and this is the secret of our success and what has located our company’s as one of the top companies worldwide for more than twenty years, our company had provided the following services:

  • A highly trained and experienced team of professionals with many years of experience to help you choose the appropriate detecting device for your desired search target.

  • Device test that gives you the full field experience before buying to make sure your device is working properly.

  • Comprehensive device training that would make you a professional prospector.

  • A golden guarantee for five years.

  • After sales services and technical support for one year after purchase to help you find your targets effectively.

  • Free and fast shipping in a maximum of 3 working days.

  • The service of payment upon receipt in most of the world countries.

The company’s main business policies are satisfying the customer in the first place by saving the customers effort and money, the credibility and commitment, providing the best price, and providing continuous discounts and offers throughout the year.

Gold Master is ready to receive your inquiries 24/7 and we are happy to serve you and we wish you a pleasant and successful search trip.

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